Explorations in Kannelmäki

The project presented in this blog was part of my Master’s Thesis “Explorations in Kannelmäki. Building design knowledge through practice-based design research.”



Right now I’m working on a project called Kuutio, together with architect student Tuula Mäkiniemi.


Sitratorin Korttelitapahtuma 5.5.2012

5.5.2012 the block party ‘Sitratorin Korttelitapahtuma’ took place.

There was collective painting led by a local art therapist…

…Falun Dafa…

…the local band Rising Rice had a gig…

…the library was selling old books…

…and the gym Lady Line led a Zumba session.

There was also Bingo held by Kaarelan eläkeläiset…

…there was a knit graffiti workshop held in the youthcentre…

…and a game session led by the library in the gallery of Kanneltalo.

All pictures in this post by Saara Kähönen.

Benches, May 2012

One day before the block party Sitratorin Korttelitapahtuma, students from Kannelmäen peruskoulu painted chairs at Sitratori. The chairs were then built into benches and during the block party people were able to suggest where the benches should be placed.

By painting the chairs on Sitratori by-passers attention was drawn and they could be told about the project and invited to the block party. People who would not normally go into Kanneltalo to see what is going on were reached while painting and building the benches. When the chairs were dry and I was building them into benches, I got useful advice about how to proceed by a few local people enjoying a Friday beer at the Sitratori.

 The benches were placed at different places in the area.

When I went back a few week later to see what happened with the benches I found one of them had been a bit modified.

Repicturing Suburban Neighborhood / TANGO Hyvän Arjen Kannelmäki, May 2012

The course Repicturing Suburban Neighborhood, which is part of Aalto University’s 365 wellbeing project and the European project called TANGO was held in Kanneltlo 2.5. – 8.5. 2012.

Students from Aalto University, Politecnico di Milano and l’école de Design Nantes Atlantique participated in the course. The workshop was held as an open exhibition, were the information gathered previous to the workshop was displayed. The exhibition served as a way to help the workshop participants to get to know the area and what the residents think of it, while it was also a way to display the data gathered to the residents of Kannelmäki. During the workshop week the residents of kannelmäki were able to follow the students’ work, answer to questions posed by the students and leave messages in the exhibition. The exhibition aimed at serving as a mirror, reflecting back to the residents opinions that had been gathered and can hopefully serve as a way to create dialogue around common interests and concerns within the neighborhood.

During the first day, those who were involved in the postcard project called Tärkeä Paikka, were invited to the exhibition. Here the students from Kannelmäen peruskoulu and the elderly which the students had sent postcards to, met each other.

During the course I was involved in setting up a block party at Sitratorin Korttelitapahtuma and painted chairs with students from Kannelmäen peruskoulu which were built into benches and placed at different places in the area.

Tärkeä Paikka

During the spring I have been visiting the school, Kannelmäen peruskoulu once a week for a period of four weeks. During the art classes of class 7c, the students have done postcards of places in Kannelmäki that they find important. Each student have chosen a place in the area and have then decided him or herself in which way to present the place i the postcard. Many of the pupils have photographed the places, others have done drawings.

The postcards were sent to elderly living in the area. The students described why they chose the place in the card and in which way the place is important to them. Each card had a question, regarding the place or what place in Kannelmäki is important to the elderly person. Some of the students made two postcards, the second one for the elderly to send back to the student.

Most on the cards were sent to persons who are part of the association “Kannelmäen eläkeläiset”. During a visit to their weekly meeting I collected addresses from those who were interested of participating. Some of the postcards still needed respondents, so last week I visited the elderly home called Rumpupolun palvelutalo. I talked a bit about my project, the upcoming workshop in Kannelmäki and then we looked at the postcards the students had done. The seniors from Rumpupolun palvelutalo responded to the cards, while we also discussed how long they had been living in Kannelmäki, what they think about the area, which places are important and about memories related to the area.

A presentation of the project will be exhibited during the workshop in Kanneltalo 2.-5.8. The visitors of the exhibition will also be able to tell about their important places in the area. The postcard project is a way to find out what kind of places are important for people living in the area, while it acts as a way to create dialogue among different generations around a common concern. Discussion around what the area is like, can act as a way to connect people from different generations around a common concern.